Making Open Office Plans More Productive and Motivating - Alstrong India!
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Making Open Office Plans More Productive and Motivating - Alstrong India!

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Open offices are undeniably the most controversial corporate office trend. Widely popular, open office plans come with several benefits - everything from design flexibility and cost savings to promotion amongst the co-workers. Despite this, open office plans have their own drawbacks.

According to a recent study, offices which switch from a traditional office plan to an open office plan have a marked and consistent decrease in the face-to-face interaction which may further drop in productivity. People who have worked in an open office, this is no surprise. Noise and lack of privacy are huge concerns for anyone who’s ever worked in such an environment. But, Alstrong India brings about some subtle touches through which you can make to improve any office plan.

Creating Private Spaces

Research suggests that when office architecture makes everything more observable or ‘transparent’, it can reduce the face-to-face interaction as the employees find other strategies to preserve their privacy. This leads to a huge loss of opportunity for collaboration but there’s an easy solution which gives office staff the privacy they need.

Alstrong India provides beautiful and inspiring partition panel for office used to create clear division of workspace without putting literal walls. These partition panel keeps the office feeling light giving the privacy to work. The textures and several colour options in the partition panel exhibits your company culture and attract both staff and visitors.

Building the Existing Space

Whether you are planning to curate a new space or improve the existing one, you have the power to make the open office better. Improving office spaces boosts the productivity and employee morale. By adding properties and creating spaces for privacy, you can create a space you want to occupy. These small changes add up for a big workflow impact.

Why choose Alstrong India?

Alstrong's Aluminum Partition Panel comes in several shades in varying widths and heights to meet your needs and demands. They offer several benefits such as:

  1. These can be easily constructed
  2. They are lightweight
  3. As the cross-section is thin they occupy less area of the floor.
  4. Offers required privacy for the inhabitants of the building

Customized panels according to specific colour and grades can be produced for the customers majorly for interior applications.. For more assistance in making your space a little more versatile place to work, contact Alstrong India for the right partition panel for office.