Changing the Landscape with Exterior Facade Material
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Changing the Landscape with Exterior Facade Material

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Changing the Landscape with Exterior Facade Material

Materials are a crucial element for architecture. They not only help bring aesthetic visions to life but also to remain functional and durable. The style, pattern, and architecture have evolved along with building materials - as materials become more sophisticated.

New technologies have the potential for crossing over and creating impact in the building industry. These materials can change the way we interact with the buildings, their lifespan, and their appearance. They make a key role in making a great first impression expressing the personality of the occupants and the space it holds inside. Exteriors are a great place to design and experiment with colours, cladding materials and finishes.

Aluminium Composite Panels advances the structure in a number of ways such as protection against weather elements, relatively lower maintenance which can be achieve by regular washing, ability to reduce water absorption in the building, providing resistance to pollution and increasing the mechanical strength of a structure. It further provides thermal insulation and reduces the temperature variation inside the building and improves the acoustic. In simple words, it gives a smart twist to the traditional structure.

Alstrong India offers a number of products designed according to the needs and requirements of the customers. It offers a one-stop solution saving time, money, and effort. It presents a splendid combination of the aesthetic, environmental, and practical advantages with exterior solutions. Some of the top selling exterior facade materials are:

  1. Fire-rated ACP
  2. Coral ACP
  3. Sand Series ACP
  4. Cambria and Imperium ACP
  5. Wood and Marble ACP
  6. High Performance Laminates (HPL) ACP

Our exterior facade materials adjust to the exterior conditions to help the building maintain desired interior conditions. The multiple types of exterior facade material are a valuable alternative for those looking to build sustainably and durability.

Visit Alstrong India to stay equipped with innovative trends, designs, and materials in architecture.