Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding
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Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding

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Wall cladding doesn’t just protect the outside of your house against the eccentricities of the weather, but it is also vital for creating interesting, unique and beautiful facades. Though there are a myriad of cladding materials at your disposal, here are some of the celebrated materials and trends which are making the trends at the moment. Have a look!

  1. Combine the cladding materials: One trend buzzing is combining different cladding materials. This basically means using two or more different kinds of cladding sheets to create a unique contemporary look. Using more than one cladding material on the outside can help to break up the large areas and define the different areas of the building. This results in a structure filling with visual interest.

  2. Using various colours within the same cladding: Another trend which is capturing attention is using a singular cladding sheet on the house but in two or more different colours. For example, if you are using a colour you can use different shades of the same tonal colour to create interest or something extreme using the contrasting colours. The trend of using different colours works well with most of the cladding materials.

  3. Wood and Marble Textures: Wood and Marble claddings are virtually maintenance free and give a different feel to a building – slightly more formal yet delicate depending on the design. One of the many reasons why wood and marble materials are used for the modular designs is because of the aesthetic appeal.

  4. Aluminium cladding sheets: The aluminium cladding sheets do more than just provide the skin of the building. It is corrosion resistant and are available in a wide variety of choices. It is very versatile and can be used to create a variety of looks. If you’d like to find out more about aluminium cladding or cladding in general, get in touch with experts at Alstrong India!

  5. Natural stone cladding for beauty: The natural stone cladding was one of the traditional choices and has started to gain popularity once again. The natural stone can really jazz up your home’s exterior. Many people have started to use dark coloured stone cladding with beautiful flowers around the house. This method can transform your space with a classic style that is sure to impress everyone that visits.

The external finishes of a building are an important decision and must be carefully considered at an initial design stage in the building. Your chosen material must blend in the surrounding landscapes and built environment. Need more inspiration? Our experts at Alstrong India can help you choose the best material according to style needs and requirements.