Metal laminates Vs Aluminium composite panels - What to choose?
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Metal laminates Vs Aluminium composite panels - What to choose?

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Metal Laminates Vs Aluminium Composite Panels - What to choose

What are Metal laminates?

Metal laminates are modern, selective and consists of PVC and PET films featuring an array of designs, in embossed and textured finishes. They add that extra flair to the home interiors and is a perfect option to create a focus point adding an elegant touch to your space.

Uses of Metal laminates

The metal laminates can be used in interior design and has become a popular choice across all industries from hospitality to retail to residential design. It is used as wall coverings, column covers, Kitchen cabinets and even as a statement piece in a room. It has a versatility unlike any other material in producing creative designs. It imparts a face to the modern buildings.

Advantages of Metal laminates

  1. Metal laminates give a very shiny appearance and requires low maintenance.
  2. They are resistant to algae and fungi as it does not absorb any kind of moisture.
  3. Available in a variety of designs, colours, and textures.
  4. Metal is malleable hence can be twisted to any direction so as to create interesting shapes.
  5. The metal cladding can offer sufficient heat insulation which makes the building energy efficient and helps in reducing the electricity bills.
  6. Metal laminates are easily available and easy to install.

What are Aluminium composite panels?

Aluminium Composite panels are sandwich panels of two aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core to make it lightweight, durable and compact in features. The ACP sheets are popularly used as a building cladding material for modern buildings. The seamless finish imparts a contemporary look to the buildings. They are available in different shades, textures, and sizes to meet the industry needs.

Uses of Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels have a variety of applications both interior and exterior. In case of interior application, ACP sheets can be used majorly in modern home kitchens, commercial areas such as shops, salons, and many more place. In case of exterior application, it can be used in commercial/residential projects and high-rise buildings. Alstrong India’s aluminium composite panel offers several colour choices with over 40 different shades readily available to transform your dream design into a colourful reality. You can design a particular part of the building with a single colour or blend two or more colours to achieve the desired effect.

Advantages of Aluminium composite panels

  1. ACP sheets are an economical cladding material as compared to other available options.
  2. The panels are rigid, strong, durable and light in weight.
  3. It can be bend or fold at 900, they are stain resistant, and weather resistant.
  4. Available in numerous colours, sizes, and finishes.
  5. The application method is very easy and hassle-free.

So, you can choose the material which suits your individual needs and requirements. Alstrong India offers leading interior and exterior solutions which are sure to add the charm and elegance to the space. Both metal laminates and aluminium composite panels are available in different shades and textures. Alstrong has a number of designs offering leading interior solutions which are sure to add the charm and elegance to the space.

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