Choosing the Right Exterior Facade Material!
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Choosing the Right Exterior Facade Material!

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First impressions do matter, so choosing the perfect exterior facade material is important.

An appealing facade not only increases the value of the establishment but also sets the tone. Before buying the facade materials, here are a few points that you must consider:

1. The surrounding landscape. If your construction is in a green lush environment, make sure it will not clash with the colours you choose.

2. If you ever plan to sell the establishment down the track, it is best to avoid dramatic exterior facade material. You might like it but there is a likeliness that it can turn the potential buyers off the home.

3. Longevity: Some facade options require more maintenance than others. Are you ready to pay that much?

4. Interiors: This is the most important point. Your exterior and interior design should be consistent to make sure that your facade is reflective of what is inside your establishment.

Modern and Stylish: Alstrong India offers aluminium composite panel, a beaming range of exterior facade material to create a modern and stylish look. Blocky designs with flat roofs are popular for double storeys and unique shaped render looks great on single designs.

Colour scene: Make a statement with alluring facades like the ones with Alstrong India. Try changing the colour for a little less than substantial.

Traditional and Classy: There are still some popular traditional choices when it comes to facades. You can add just a touch for a more updated look.

Stand out from the crowd: Choose something which is a bit different and includes something just a little versatile. The concrete render and wood facade below offers a modern industrial look.

Weatherboard: Utilising Aluminium Composite panel as a key feature in your facade adds a rustic yet modern charm to your home. Combine it with glass and wood for a multi-layered masterpiece.

For more facade inspiration, visit Alstrong India now. From single to multiple installations, we have solutions to work for your needs. Get in touch with us to get your hands on superior quality exterior facade materials.