Advantages of Using Aluminium Composite Panels
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Advantages of Using Aluminium Composite Panels

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Here are some of the advantages of using Alstrong’s Aluminium Composite Panels-

1. Hassle Free Maintenance - The Aluminium Composite Panels come with a hassle-free routine. You can wipe off the dust and dirt on the panel on a regular basis with a clean cloth. This routine ensures that the panels looks new for a relatively longer duration.

2. Long Last Durability - There is constant risk of corrosion due to the moisture present in the external environment. But the Aluminium Composite Panels increases the ability to resist corrosion.

3. Economical Option - The Aluminium Composite Panels come across as an affordable and long-lasting investment. They are relatively inexpensive and can be cut in several different sizes and according to the customer needs. The aluminium composite panels offer high-quality thermal comfort offering additional savings in energy expenses. Using the panels as insulation can help reduce the energy costs.

4. Add beauty to a structure - Aluminium Composite Panels are available in a number of colours. Depending on the existing interiors of the premises or the tentative plan, you can choose a good colour combination which best suits the requirements.

5. Easy Installation - The installation of ACP is easy and undemanding. They are appropriate cladding solutions for both interior and exterior surfaces in the new formations or while renovating the old ones.

6. Easy to handle - The unique design of the Aluminium Composite Panels makes them extremely lightweight. Being lightweight ensures that you can conveniently handle the panels on the site. It is easy for you to store these panels without blocking too much space.

7. Fire retardant ACP - Alstrong Aluminium Composite Panels are built to resist fire. They are specially designed and state of the art FR grade Aluminium Composite Panels.

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