Impact of Existing & Emerging Metal Wall Sheet!!
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Impact of Existing & Emerging Metal Wall Sheet!!

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As with other construction materials, metal laminate come in a variety of texture, size, colours and type. Each is optimized for the specified application and use. Due to some inherent properties such as corrosion resistance, some commonly used materials are metals. The application is broad and cover differently sized projects and walling systems. It is a key element in the aesthetic appeal of the house and directly influences both property value and building cost. Your choice of metallic wall sheet can have a significant effect on the environmental performance of your home too.

The initial impacts such as embodied energy, resource depletion and recyclability must be balanced against maintenance and durability appropriate to life span. The primary roles are to control the infiltration of weather elements providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The secondary roles are thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance and dirt resistant.


Environmental Impact-

Metal wall sheet offers an opportunity to reduce the overall environmental impact. Research suggests that external walling is the most important variable element in residential construction. Life cycle assessment (LCA) considers the complete environmental impact of a material over its life cycle including the environmental emissions and depletions from the materials and processes used to make it, maintain it and recycle at the end of the life. While choosing products, address the following-

(a) Appropriateness of the intended lifespan

(b) Durability and finishing

(c) Maintenance requirements over the lifespan

(d) Designing, choosing and specifying to maximise the potential for reuse

This material is not for external use. This is the interior product.


The thermal property entirely depends on the amount of insulation and core material in the panel. With this in mind, selection depends on the rating and application. Also, the use of high mass cladding sheet in lightweight framing systems decreases thermal performance.


Apart from aesthetic considerations, the colour influences the capacity to absorb or reflect heat. It is preferable to use lighter colours or reflective finishes in warmer climates and dark elements in colder ones. – Can not change the colour according to the climate, we sell product in India, so the content should be according to Indian weather condition

Structural Capability

Metal wall sheet is non-loadbearing. The fixing requirements can have significant implications for visual appearance, waterproofing, condensation and drainage.

Moisture Resistance

Resistance to humidity and water ingress depends on the joint design. However, across the board, the metal wall sheet exhibit high moisture resistance and are used extensively as barrier systems.

By choosing metal wall sheet specific to an elevation or exposure, you can achieve the best in physical performance and aesthetics. To know more about metal wall sheet, visit Alstrong India now!