5 wall decoration trends to take your interiors to the next level
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5 wall decoration trends to take your interiors to the next level

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Last year, we saw us filling our homes with just about anything and everything metallic we could get our hands on. So what does this year hold for us in trend stakes? Here’s a round-up of the top home decor trends to look out for to help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018.

1. Rich Pigments- Grey may be the neutral of choice for many interiors, but the colour is set to be bolder this season. The tastes have gone braver and bolder with colour choices - on both walls and furniture pieces. Moody interiors are more popular than ever with all key colours. The rich new shades makeup the spring and summer palette are all beautifully enhanced.

2. Metal Laminates- Metal laminates are easy to maintain, durable and affordable. Alstrong metal laminates on the other hand replicate the elegance without burning a hole in the pocket. They are widely available and are environment friendly. They are extremely durable with no or minimal flaking, chipping or discolouration due to changes in the temperature. Alstrong metal laminates brings with it a number of creative possibilities. The collection creates a truly different work of art which is eye-catching and functional. They can be cut and reassembled to create a pattern. The warmth of the colours and texture reflects energy, modernity and adds a flair to the minimalist design.

3. Patterns take place in natural forms- While the geometric patterns and the bone inlay are expected to phase out carving way for Embossed to reign in the coming months. Embossed, especially the one with a matte finish will continue to be a hit. Experts agree this trend and foresee a huge increase in the demand.

4. Concrete- Hitting hard last year, concrete, whether it will be real or concrete looking materials is expected to continue the surge this year as well. Talking about the plain, grayscale tone, it is important to use soft furniture and colour to the room getting rid from a stale impression.

5. Dark Woods- This year is for darker wood tones signifying a resurgence for the retro glamour and offer a new take on the modern luxury. Metallic handles are the perfect finishing touch to add an extra glam feel. A fusion of walnut, gold, brass and black gives a more sophisticated feel to many high-street pieces. The interiors look good in stylish contemporary wood, the dark shade showing off the natural beauty of the grain.