Sustainable & Trendy Exterior Facade Material!
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Sustainable & Trendy Exterior Facade Material!

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Looking for some ideas on how to treat or upgrade your home’s facade? You might have considered completely changing the look of your house, or perhaps you are just with the idea of giving it a little bit of a refresh? Whatever the extent of the project, giving your house a makeover or addressing the aesthetic importance with exterior facade material has many valuable benefits.

The industry, however, is now looking towards materials which are not only trendy but sustainable because that is what market demands with the potential cost savings to them in materials and maintenance. The developments have seen improvements in building aesthetics, durability, and maintenance - with striking designs, low cost of repair and a longer life expectancy.

What are sustainable materials?

Sustainable materials have to fulfill a number of criteria’s such as:

  • Recyclable or reusable materials are preferred.
  • Low energy input in material manufacture.
  • Preferably low maintenance
  • Provide good thermal qualities to the finished building.
  • Suitable structural properties

Innovative sustainable materials for the facade!

With the emergence of new materials and new technologies and people’s constant willingness for different building appearances, the market for facade fabrication has increased in size. A vast variety of new materials, such as high-pressure laminates (HPL), UHPC (Ultra High Performing Concrete), Carbon Fiber, Corten Steel, ACP, ETFE Membranes and Solid Surfaces are available due to the technical advances in recent years.

Conformance to the strictest energy and quality parameters has given rise to more energy efficient, innovative, and adaptable exterior facade material. Yet, a thorough assessment of the durability of new materials should be done to ensure that the materials used do not compromise the performance requirements of the building.

Alstrong India

With a palette of over 100 designs and combinations to choose from, Alstrong India has a lot to offer. As the first impressions matter, Alstrong India has created different exterior grade products which address a diverse set of design and performance specifications.

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