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Divide and Win with our Partition Panels

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Give your employees the space they need with partition panel which carve out personalized workspaces.

Planning and creating a functional office layout can be overwhelming even if you’re starting from the scratch. Fortunately, Alstrong India offers products for space planning to help get you on the path to the perfect customized office. If you have problems of lacking privacy, arrangements or even noise, partition panel can surely be a great solution. The basic feature of the aluminium partition panels is its versatility in arranging office space, combined with the simplicity of execution of all the works on site. It also acts as an effective noise barrier.

The partition panel for office are an ideal choice for creating productive, efficient and cost effective work environments. The partition panels allow easy formation and modification of personal workstations, enabling focus on individual tasks without creating a feeling of seclusion from other colleagues. There are several benefits of using the same. The partition panels help in making the space more versatile breaking a large room allowing you to accommodate more employees in a particular space. In addition to this, it also enhances the productivity. They reduce the surrounding noises and create a visual barrier which keep the workers' attention on their own tasks.

With a huge variety of heights and widths available, partition panels are an easy and cost-effective way to create private spaces within a single office room. The aluminium partition panels are available in various styles to suit any decor or budget. Partition panels allow office partitions to be joined together safely and securely, and are available in a variety of shapes to create the exact custom workstation you have in mind.

All partition panel features a minimalist, modern design to blend in with any décor or style. However, Alstrong India can create customized panels according to the specific colour and grades depending on the customer needs and requirements. It has protective film and it is recommended to remove the protective film within 45 days.

Keep your team in the close contiguity to one another while allowing them space to themselves with Alstrong’s partition panel for office. We strive to help you maximize your potential.

Add up a touch of class to your house with Metal Laminates

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Building the home of your imaginations goes beyond finding the designer whom you feel can understand and meet your expectations. We are in constant search of building materials and finishes used in interior applications with regard to their potential contribution to the function and aesthetics of interiors, their environmental impact, and their impact on the well-being, safety and human health.

Metal laminates is a popular interior building material with diverse applications. It expands your opportunities for creative design solutions. Metal Laminates are highly durable and decorative options you should be considering for your next home project or renovation. Besides the obvious benefits of texture and durability, metal laminates are known to be extremely versatile in their use. It adds up to what we consider the unique collection of metal designs for interiors that you’ll find anywhere.

Redefine your space with laminates!

Metal laminates are not just an alternative for other interior application materials. They are, in fact harder, more affordable, and come in a variety of colours and textures to suit your home’s interior design needs. They can be used to form new looks which recreate the high-end marble, homely wooden textures, cutting-edge industrial styles and glossy textures to give your house or structure that extra special touch.

Bring your surfaces to life with Alstrong’s Metal Laminates.

Alstrong’s metal laminates have been used in various commercial sectors such as restaurants, high-end hotels and other commercial spaces for decades. If you are a home renovation novice, avoid unnecessary lost time and mistakes. Our designs are unique works of art, created with a manufacturing consistency to ensure replication with some of the best designs around the globe. Our laminates are available in four series - Embossed, Stucco, Textured, and Wooden each with advantages specific to your use and budget. While adding to the aesthetic beauty of the structure, our metal laminates are corrosion resistant and offer good thermal as well as sound insulation. Hence, the entire process has its share of decision. With planning and realistic ideas, you should be able to map out the right choice for your family, with a beautiful new space as the prize.

Have any questions? Contact Alstrong India for more information!

Changing the Landscape with Exterior Facade Material

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Changing the Landscape with Exterior Facade Material

Materials are a crucial element for architecture. They not only help bring aesthetic visions to life but also to remain functional and durable. The style, pattern, and architecture have evolved along with building materials - as materials become more sophisticated.

New technologies have the potential for crossing over and creating impact in the building industry. These materials can change the way we interact with the buildings, their lifespan, and their appearance. They make a key role in making a great first impression expressing the personality of the occupants and the space it holds inside. Exteriors are a great place to design and experiment with colours, cladding materials and finishes.

Aluminium Composite Panels advances the structure in a number of ways such as protection against weather elements, relatively lower maintenance which can be achieve by regular washing, ability to reduce water absorption in the building, providing resistance to pollution and increasing the mechanical strength of a structure. It further provides thermal insulation and reduces the temperature variation inside the building and improves the acoustic. In simple words, it gives a smart twist to the traditional structure.

Alstrong India offers a number of products designed according to the needs and requirements of the customers. It offers a one-stop solution saving time, money, and effort. It presents a splendid combination of the aesthetic, environmental, and practical advantages with exterior solutions. Some of the top selling exterior facade materials are:

  1. Fire-rated ACP
  2. Coral ACP
  3. Sand Series ACP
  4. Cambria and Imperium ACP
  5. Wood and Marble ACP
  6. High Performance Laminates (HPL) ACP

Our exterior facade materials adjust to the exterior conditions to help the building maintain desired interior conditions. The multiple types of exterior facade material are a valuable alternative for those looking to build sustainably and durability.

Visit Alstrong India to stay equipped with innovative trends, designs, and materials in architecture.

Wooden ACP Sheets - 3 Uses & Benefits

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Aluminum composite panels (ACP) are modern and cost effective solution, available in various finishes and colours. In order to complete the growing requirements of customers, we at Alstrong India engage in offering a large range of Wooden ACP Sheets. Our offered sheets are highly demanded in the market for their usage on construction, architectural and many more applications.

Wooden ACP sheets are versatile products for construction and interiors. Some of the uses are:

  1. Paneling: Wooden ACP paneling is an excellent way to add personality and grandeur to your room. These can be used for walls, and roofs. It is a lasting product which can be used for indoor and outdoor wall paneling. This is not just a practical means of covering one or more walls and ceilings in a building, its inclusion in a room's interior design can generate looks that are both dramatic and stylish.
  2. Modern construction for interiors: Wood Finish ACP offers a rich look and freshest polishing adding a highly characteristic aspect style of decoration. The use of wooden ACP sheets can be used in modern design further accentuating the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic adding richness and warmth.
  3. Business Industry: Wooden ACP sheets can be used in office and administrative building, banks, malls, petrol pumps and multiplex. It can also be used in academic and public health service centers.

Some advantages are:

  1. The material is easy to maintain and effective in the long run. It can be used for a variety of purposes.
  2. Wooden ACP sheets are a great cladding material and is highly weather resistant. It is available in many colours and textures which add to the beauty of the building.
  3. The material is highly resistant, durable, and have excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Alstrong wooden ACP sheets sets new horizons in design and construction of building worldwide. It is a modern and long lasting material replacing the traditional construction materials due to its strength and modern design/colours.

Alstrong India has a unique design and colour catalogue available for its wooden ACP sheets. There are many colours to choose from such as Brown Walnut, White Oak, Light Walnut, Granite Black, Rose Wood, and Walnut Tirano. Our offerings and product quality makes us one of the most reputed and demanded brand in the construction industry. This proves to be our added advantage and makes our customers very happy and satisfied.

ACP sheet marble finish for a more luxurious look!

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The simplest way to give a setting a sophisticated and luxurious touch, following the most valid contemporary trends, is definitely the choice of materials used. Marble, for example, is widely known around the world for its durability in a wide variety of conditions. Designers prefer the marble finish surface covering because of its beauty, diverse choices, and classic look which suits almost any interior or designs project from kitchen to bathrooms, walls in the focal rooms such as living areas for architectural features acting as a luxurious choice.

With the advancements in technology, the aluminium composite panels are available in several different finishes and patterns such as marble, wood, and many more. Marble acp sheets are widely used for home and hotel interiors. They are also commonly preferred for commercial offices and spaces to keep up the artistic and sculptural focal points. Alstrong India’s marble acp sheet are a delightful solution to satisfy a specific desire for luxury.

Application of marble acp sheet:

The purpose of ACP sheet was limited to only external purposes until a few years back. However, acp sheets are now commonly used for both interior and exterior purposes. It is used as decorative materials for interiors in shops, commercial spaces, houses, etc. They can also be used for the outer structure of the buildings.

Being very lightweight and sturdy material, ACP is also widely used for temporary structures for booths and related foundations. The durability, efficiency, light-weight and easy forming and processing, rigidity and other features has extended its use to form structure like spaceship too.

Alstrong India - Your one stop solution for ACP sheets

So if you are looking to buy acp sheet marble finish, look no further. Alstrong India has placed itself for creating superior aluminium composite panels with various finishes. The acp sheet with marble finish are functional, psychological, and economical. If you are looking for marble acp sheet, Alstrong India offers everything you need.

Visit the website to know more about the different acp sheet design and textures of the panels!