What are the different layers used in ACP?
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What are the different layers used in ACP?

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Aluminium Composite Panel can give birth to designs that are either too difficult or impossible with other materials. This modern material comes with a host of practical and technical advantages over traditional and other materials. Here is what is it is made of:

1. Protective Film - The Protective film is a layer to protect the sheet from dust, scratches & water while transiting the material. It is basically used to keep the ACP color and gloss new, once it will be peeled off after installation. The top ACP Sheet manufacturer strongly recommends to peel off the protective film within 45 days from installation.

2. PVDF - It is a transparent polymer matrix and it acts as a medium for the color pigment of the paint. It protects color pigment from fragmenting by providing a shield against harmful UV rays of the Sun. Thus, it helps in keeping lasting colors for a very long duration.

3. Aluminium Coil - The non-inflammable aluminum cover coil protect the plastic core. Alstrong India has a different range of coil thickness starting from 0.50 mm for external grade till 0.10 mm for partition panels. They guarantee high efficiency and boost the strengthening.

4. Adhesive - The adhesive film is generally made out of the grafted polymer and LDPE/HDPE resin and is used for strong adhesion with good durability. The thickness of both side adhesive film is 50 microns. The adhesive is applied on both top and bottom when LDPE and HDPE sandwich comes out from extrude.

5. Mineral Core - The core of aluminium composite panel is a plastic core. This meets the strict requirements and enhances the possibility of design and concept. The mineral core for fire-rated ACP is made of 70% inorganic materials such as Aluminium Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide and 30% Polymer. For others, the core is made of LDPE.

6. Service Coat - Service Coat is the final touch to make it worthy for external use and increase the durability.

Why Choose Alstrong India?

Alstrong India Aluminium Composite Panels offer a wide range of advantages over similar products. The advantages are:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Easy Installation
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Robust durability & Lightweight

Alstrong India, a leading ACP manufacturer in India offers superior quality products and changing the landscape of the country. We are the leading Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in India.