High-End Signage Boards and the Role of ACP Sheet Design in it!
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High-End Signage Boards and the Role of ACP Sheet Design in it!

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High-End Signage Boards and the Role of ACP Sheet Design in it!

The evolution of signage in India is a curious mix of artificially imposed ideas along with traditional reconnect of conversations to signs. Signage in India has recently boosted becoming a priority while working on a project. It is easier for people to directly relate to the signs.

Importance of signage usage in India

  1. Customers are now aware of the modern materials being used in the signage industry.
  2. Clients are now willing to spend on quality signage.
  3. Clients now consider signage as a part of their brand identity and communication.
  4. Availability of the best-in-class raw materials for signage.

Signage design is one of the key elements involving the minds of designers. Designing a corporate identity is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a lengthy method derived from several factors such as understanding the brand and its customers. The process of 4’D’ is strictly followed.

What are the 4’Ds’ of Retail Designing?

  1. Defining: the aspect of branding (logo, history, vision, target audience, etc.)
  2. Designing: Designing the mood board on the basis of the store type.
  3. Deploying: Integration of brand language across mediums.
  4. Delivering: The brand’s team and design team work together for better consolidation between the online and offline spaces.

In today’s scenario, customers prefer an appealing look of the signage that matches the splendid architecture and interiors. Besides the basic vinyl and flex usage, the retail designers are now using ACP Sheets in the signage projects, nowadays many ACP Sheet design & Shades are available in the market.

Benefits of ACP usage:

  1. Long lasting
  2. Appealing look and feel compared to flex and vinyl
  3. Flexibility
  4. Availability
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Easy ACP installation

However, many clients do not prefer the use of ACP in their projects due to the lack of innovation in ACP sheet design and also due to the preconceived notion of the product being pricey. However, the good news is that Aluminium Composite Panels have become extremely affordable and created in several innovative designs, finishes, and textures.

ACP can contribute to creating attractive signage – How?

  1. Digital signage can now be done using ACP sheets.
  2. LED or video walls can be done using ACP sheets.
  3. Offers a seamless look to the signage.
  4. ACP sheet design detailing can be done as ACP sheets can be used as desired.
  5. Weatherproofing can be easily done using ACP framework.
  6. Can give a better finish to the signage ensuring safety.
  7. Offers a creative framework maintaining a spectacular glow throughout.

However, we say that a mixed bag of experiments is being done in the signage industry. Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels in high-end signage boards has become rampant. We also expect the signage industry to be revolutionized further through more and more innovative use of ACP.

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