Mind Boggling Designs With Aluminium Composite Panels
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Mind Boggling Designs With Aluminium Composite Panels

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Mind Boggling Designs With Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels are the new decorative material used increasingly by developers, designers, and architects worldwide for various applications. Aluminum Composite Panel is best described as a sandwich panel consisting of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. The Aluminium Composite Panels have become extremely affordable and created in several innovative designs, finishes, and textures.

The aluminium composite panels outlast and outperform any other construction material, which primarily speaks of their popularity. They are known to last longer and keep the shape intact even when exposed to the harsh conditions. You can also vouch for them to prevent corrosion, stains, fires, and maintenance and upkeep the hassle which may cost you in time, effort and money. These panels also bring the upfront cost savings proving to be one of the most economical materials available in the market.

Besides the conventional advantages of being lightweight, ease of fabrication and versatility there are many other advantages such as easy application, multiple designs, and seamless finish.

Aluminium Composite Panels Key Features:

  1. Smooth surface easily cleaned
  2. Weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance
  3. Impact resistant
  4. Excellent surface flatness
  5. Fire rated ACP
  6. Lightweight and easy to fabricate
  7. CNC Cutting

Alstrong India’s aluminium composite panels offer several color choices with around more than100 different shades readily available to transform the design in a reality. It also offers several finish options from rustic to matte and natural stone to wood. You have the option to design a particular part of the building with a single colour or blend two or more colors to achieve the desired effect.

If you are looking to buy Aluminium Composite Panels, Alstrong India, a leading ACP manufacturer in India offers superior quality products and changing the landscape of the country.

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