Add up a touch of class to your house with Metal Laminates
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Add up a touch of class to your house with Metal Laminates

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Building the home of your imaginations goes beyond finding the designer whom you feel can understand and meet your expectations. We are in constant search of building materials and finishes used in interior applications with regard to their potential contribution to the function and aesthetics of interiors, their environmental impact, and their impact on the well-being, safety and human health.

Metal laminates is a popular interior building material with diverse applications. It expands your opportunities for creative design solutions. Metal Laminates are highly durable and decorative options you should be considering for your next home project or renovation. Besides the obvious benefits of texture and durability, metal laminates are known to be extremely versatile in their use. It adds up to what we consider the unique collection of metal designs for interiors that you’ll find anywhere.

Redefine your space with laminates!

Metal laminates are not just an alternative for other interior application materials. They are, in fact harder, more affordable, and come in a variety of colours and textures to suit your home’s interior design needs. They can be used to form new looks which recreate the high-end marble, homely wooden textures, cutting-edge industrial styles and glossy textures to give your house or structure that extra special touch.

Bring your surfaces to life with Alstrong’s Metal Laminates.

Alstrong’s metal laminates have been used in various commercial sectors such as restaurants, high-end hotels and other commercial spaces for decades. If you are a home renovation novice, avoid unnecessary lost time and mistakes. Our designs are unique works of art, created with a manufacturing consistency to ensure replication with some of the best designs around the globe. Our laminates are available in four series - Embossed, Stucco, Textured, and Wooden each with advantages specific to your use and budget. While adding to the aesthetic beauty of the structure, our metal laminates are corrosion resistant and offer good thermal as well as sound insulation. Hence, the entire process has its share of decision. With planning and realistic ideas, you should be able to map out the right choice for your family, with a beautiful new space as the prize.

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