Divide and Win with our Partition Panels
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Divide and Win with our Partition Panels

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Give your employees the space they need with partition panel which carve out personalized workspaces.

Planning and creating a functional office layout can be overwhelming even if you’re starting from the scratch. Fortunately, Alstrong India offers products for space planning to help get you on the path to the perfect customized office. If you have problems of lacking privacy, arrangements or even noise, partition panel can surely be a great solution. The basic feature of the aluminium partition panels is its versatility in arranging office space, combined with the simplicity of execution of all the works on site. It also acts as an effective noise barrier.

The partition panel for office are an ideal choice for creating productive, efficient and cost effective work environments. The partition panels allow easy formation and modification of personal workstations, enabling focus on individual tasks without creating a feeling of seclusion from other colleagues. There are several benefits of using the same. The partition panels help in making the space more versatile breaking a large room allowing you to accommodate more employees in a particular space. In addition to this, it also enhances the productivity. They reduce the surrounding noises and create a visual barrier which keep the workers' attention on their own tasks.

With a huge variety of heights and widths available, partition panels are an easy and cost-effective way to create private spaces within a single office room. The aluminium partition panels are available in various styles to suit any decor or budget. Partition panels allow office partitions to be joined together safely and securely, and are available in a variety of shapes to create the exact custom workstation you have in mind.

All partition panel features a minimalist, modern design to blend in with any décor or style. However, Alstrong India can create customized panels according to the specific colour and grades depending on the customer needs and requirements. It has protective film and it is recommended to remove the protective film within 45 days.

Keep your team in the close contiguity to one another while allowing them space to themselves with Alstrong’s partition panel for office. We strive to help you maximize your potential.