The versatility of Wooden ACP Sheets!
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The versatility of Wooden ACP Sheets!

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The versatility of Wooden ACP Sheets!

Wood has become a keen way to interior and exterior designs. Wood can virtually be everywhere - inside and out - as a design element to complement any style. You can nail any decor from country to contemporary, traditional to transitional by mixing and matching wood finishes.

In addition to the soothing effects on your senses, wood is one of the only materials which can be finished to look like the shiny marble, or in almost any way you can imagine. Alstrong is providing wooden ACP with a number of techniques for smoothing, texturizing, painting, and staining wood to give a look that will amplify your interior design.

The wooden ACP sheets are inspired by modern style and design. The feel and finish of the aluminium composite panels is extraordinarily distinct.

However, while choosing the wooden sheet an important consideration is the color scheme. If there is a colour scheme present, you can match the selected wood furnishing or cladding to match. Sometimes, too dark a colour can overpower the rest of the room throwing off the entire look. And going with too light wood can make a bold colour scheme look weak.

As we all know, wood can be crafted into a truly gorgeous, one of a kind design which exhibits the unique imperfections. Alstrong India has understood this well.

Alstrong India is proud to present wooden range of aluminium composite panels. In order to fulfill the changing and growing requirements, we are engaged in offering a huge range of wooden ACP sheets. Our sheets are in high demand and used for construction, architectural and many more applications. The products are available in different colours and also regarded for the high-grade quality. So what are you waiting for? Explore a range of wooden ACP sheets which is loved and liked for the way it is!

Sustain a look for years with Alstrong wooden ACP sheets!