The Architectural Beauty of Marble - Inspiring Luxury Design With Marble ACP Sheets!
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The Architectural Beauty of Marble - Inspiring Luxury Design With Marble ACP Sheets!

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A true form of limestone, ACP sheet with marble finish is many a decorator and architect’s favourite. The limestone is formed under the pressure and heat of the earth’s crust giving us distinctive characteristics.

Today, we see houses incorporating marble ACP sheet as artistic and sculptural focal points. Architects and designers prefer this surface covering because of its beauty, diverse choices, and classic look which suits almost any interior or designs project from kitchen to bathrooms, walls in the focal rooms such as living areas for architectural features acting as a luxurious choice.

The modern spaces and the traditional rooms are equalized flawlessly with the addition to ACP sheet with marble finish. Marble is considered as a timeless element for design. The ACP sheet is appreciated for its marble finish and its complexity of texture, patterns of colour variations and subtle hands. Marble ACP sheet can be used to transform a simple space into a picture of elegance offering a beautiful yet a minimalist featured space.

Why choose Alstrong?

The Alstrong marble ACP sheets offers high-impact resistance and easy maintenance. Our quality procedure coupled with the skilled practices makes us one of the top aluminium composite panel manufacturer in India. Alstrong has gone braver and bolder with bolder choices. The interiors are more popular than ever with all the key colours. The shade palette are all beautiful to enhance your interiors as well as exterior.

Some features of Alstrong marble ACP sheet are:

  • -Durable, beautiful, unbreakable, and machinable.
  • -Corrosion resistance
  • -Maintenance free and waterproof
  • -Excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • -Environment friendly
  • -Resistant to abrasion and stain resistant
  • -Easy to install and uniform colour
  • Get your hands on the best ACP sheet with marble finish from Alstrong India to amplify your space.