Why Alstrong's Aluminium Composite Panels are the best?
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Why Alstrong's Aluminium Composite Panels are the best?

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Aluminium Composite Panels are widely regarded as one of the most popular sustainable materials. They are used majorly for the building construction industry. However, with a varied ACP texture and design, they are used for several other purposes. ACP is a sandwich panel comprising of two aluminium sheets bonded to an organic mineral filled inner core material which could be of high density or low density.

Fire-rated ACP

A fire retardant is a substance other than water that reduces flammability of fuels or delays their combustion by initiating a chemical reaction that stops the fire. Alstrong fire-rated ACP can resist fire for 2 hours and has passed as Grade-O material, the highest standard or grading for fire safety in construction materials. Besides this, the fire-rated ACP is accepted worldwide as a quality material. The Alstrong fire-rated ACP is composed of 100% recyclable materials - the aluminium, minerals, and polymer. This not only helps in conserving the valuable resources but makes Alstrong’s fire-rated ACP as an environment-friendly product.

What makes Alstrong's aluminium composite panels different from the rest?

  1. Abrasion Resistance
  2. Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  3. Convex and concave bending
  4. Maintenance free and waterproofing
  5. Recyclable and environment friendly
  6. Excellent flatness and stain-resistant
  7. Durable and Beautiful
  8. Machinable and Ultramodern

Alstrong India has positioned itself as for creating aesthetic aluminium composite panels with customer values focusing on:

  • Functional: The ACP sheets are durable and of good quality.
  • Psychological: The ACP sheets provide a premium look to your building structure. The fire rated ACP is known to reduce the risk multifold in case of a fire.
  • Economical: The ACP sheets offer value for the price paid.

If you are looking for aluminium composite panels, Alstrong India offers everything you need. Visit the website to know more about the different textures and options of the panels!!