How Alstrong metal laminates can bring the design to a new level?
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How Alstrong metal laminates can bring the design to a new level?

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The process of renovating your home is exciting and challenging. Most of the house owners begin by settling on the decor scheme, and then selecting the materials which bring that vision to life. With many options for surface covering available such as paint, wallpaper, veneer and laminates, which do you choose?

Metal laminates, however have been overlooked. This durable material is actually more versatile than you actually think. Alstrong India will tell you why you should use laminates in your renovation to achieve the look you want.

1. Metal Laminates are easy to maintain- You can maintain your laminates by wiping them with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth. Most of the marks and stains from Alstrong metal laminates can be removed with a mild detergent, rinsing off with water and wiping dry. Maintaining the laminates is much easier than other natural materials such as stone, wood, fabric, etc.

2. Metal Laminates look real and are economical- Imagine building a structure from solid wood. The cost of the materials and craftsmanship is sky-high and expensive. Alstrong metal laminates on the other hand are able to replicate the elegance without burning a hole in the pocket. They are widely available and are environment friendly.

3. Metal Laminates are durable- Alstrong metal laminates are extremely durable with no or minimal flaking, chipping or discoloration due to changes in the temperature. They are resistant to abrasion and impact under normal use. However, it is advised to keep the laminates away from high heat. The laminates are extremely durable made of quality materials under the right heat and pressure.

4. Possibilities with laminates- Alstrong metal laminates brings with it a number of creative possibilities. The collection creates a truly different work of art which is eye-catching and functional. They can be cut, bend and reassembled to create a pattern. The warmth of the colours and texture reflects energy, modernity and adds a flair to the minimalist design.

Alstrong India is one of the supplier of best metal laminates at competitive prices that will transform your home to a place, you always wanted to have. It offers you a wide range of decorative metal laminates with multiple designs and patterns. Some of the them are listed below:

1. Wooden

2. Embossed

3. Textured

4. Stucco

With the versatility, flexibility and ability to mix with any design scheme, laminates have proved be a cost-effective method and an environment-friendly practice.