Exterior facade material cleaning tips!
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Exterior facade material cleaning tips!

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Exterior facade material is a well-known product to give a new look to the buildings and create smart solutions for them. Their usage has significantly increased as they enhance the building’s aesthetics. The exterior facade material adds a distinctive personality and offers protection.

The cleaning of exterior facade materials ACP depends on the building’s facade material, age and cost. The first and foremost reason to clean is to maintain a pleasing aesthetic. Over time, soil and pollution build-up will occur on the surface areas of the building and when mixed with wind and rain, it will stain the exterior elevations.

Dirt and grime on the exterior can cause damage to the structure if left unattended for too long. However, the outward appearance beside from being an obvious eyesore negatively impacts the resale price and rental rates if the construction and exteriors appear dirty. The longer they are allowed to stay, the harder they are to remove.

One of the best tools for cleaning exterior facade material is a high pressure water cleaner that could be just water or a chemical additive depending on the material you are cleaning. This is a safe and non-abrasive solution to washing many of your building’s exterior surface areas. Not only will this save a lot of effort by blasting the collected grime, but also save water and cut down the dangerous chemicals. However, read the instructions and do a spot test on an unnoticeable part of the wall as pressure cleaners have the potential to sometimes damage paint, timber and brick finishes. If you choose to use a detergent with a high pressure cleaner, make sure it is safe to use in the cleaner. Try and use a mild, environmentally friendly detergent if possible. If your walls need mould or mildew removed, try scrubbing the affected areas with borax and water.

Alstrong India says that keeping the outside of the building clean is just as important as maintaining your interior spaces because you only get one chance to make the first impression. ACP which is an exterior facade material by Alstrong India are water and corrosion resistant. So remember that regular cleaning and maintenance makes the job easier, keeps the house looking great and gives you the opportunity to check there are any repairs or issues that might need attention.