5 benefits of exterior facade material
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5 benefits of exterior facade material

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Here are just a few of the many benefits listed by Alstrong India that ACP which is an exterior facade material can offer. Have a look!

1. Aesthetics - One of the biggest benefits of exterior facade material is the limitless possibilities it offers in terms of aesthetics and making a visual impact. At Alstrong India, we offer a huge range of option and finishes to help bring your imagination to reality.

2. Sustainability - Alstrong’s exterior facade materials are environment-friendly and at the end of the life, are pretty much easy to recycle. This reduces the amount of energy required to extract new materials and the carbon footprint associated with mining.

3. Durability - The exterior facade material is extremely durable. They offer a string surface which is not easily damaged by impacts such as hail or flying objects, resistant to water damage, and depending on the material and quality of installation, corrosion, and electrochemical reactions. Overall, they have an extremely long lifespan and require very little maintenance.

4. Design and Appearance - The innovative building designs use ACP as an exterior facade material not just for durability and strength, but for unique looks, quick installation and reduced weight. They are extremely durable and versatile with hundreds of possible shapes, sizes, textures, colours and finishes with top manufacturers such as Alstrong India. They are a perfect way to add a clean and modern appearance and add exciting accents.

5. Cost - The exterior facade material offers significant cost savings over other products. When considering the durability of architectural panels and reduced maintenance requirements compared to other materials, they prove to be cost-efficient in the long term. The choice will ultimately depend on the designs goals and budget.

These are just a few of the several benefits what ACP – Aluminium Composite Panel have to offer and proved as the best exterior façade material. They are a great pick for any building due to their durability, versatility and relatively easy installation requirements. They are a perfect way to create a modern look for your building.