Importance of exterior facade material
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Importance of exterior facade material

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In the current times, the use of facade materials have gone way beyond the traditional ones. With improvement in technology, different options for improvement have become available for incorporation into building facades. These are also pushed towards the improvement of the building enveloping performance and for exterior decoration due to its uniqueness, beauty and durability benefit over the other materials. The exterior facade material is an elegant component which defines the unique architectural aesthetics of the building. It also has a critical role related to energy performance and beauty function of the building.

The choice of the exterior facade material depends on the end usage and purpose the building is meant to serve. The good facades contribute to making a business profitable. The poor facades can however of course take the business away from you faster than you can say - competition. The significance of a well-designed exterior facade material is no less than that of quality and good clothes. Be it a facade for a building or one for a house, the first impressions are unarguably the last impression. The designing and execution is an important aspect of the building design and construction and has a few complexities associated with it.

The facade patterns hold a lot of significance from saving costs to increasing revenues. There are times when the exterior facade material hide the flaws of a building, but a good building will undoubtedly be brought down by poor facades. From the basic planning to designing and execution, a building’s facade is an important function which needs to be carried out with utmost care. With a number of products to choose from offering a complete range of services and products, there is a lot to choose for everyone. Alstrong India understands the needs and have come up with single stop solutions saving the clients a lot of time, effort and money. The brand offers a splendid combination of the aesthetic, environmental and practical advantages with exterior solutions. The collections include -

  • Fire rated ACP
  • Wood and Marble
  • Cambria & Imperium
  • Coral
  • Sand Series
  • HPL (High Performance Laminate)

The collections offer years of durability and performance across a variety of environment helping create a visual aesthetic.

Get in touch now for high-quality and diverse exterior facade materials.