Tips on how to choose the Right Cladding for Your Modular Home
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Tips on how to choose the Right Cladding for Your Modular Home

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Tips on how to choose the Right Cladding for Your Modular Home

Your choice of cladding plays a significant role in your home’s style, function and resale value. Cladding sheets - the outer layer or skin of a building - serves the primary purpose of protecting against weather but the effects reach much further. Not only it protects the structural integrity of your home, but it also serves as a unique opportunity to express style and make a statement. No wonder, so many people put a huge emphasis on the cladding to cover their home or business exterior. One statement which property owners are choosing to make more than ever are moving those environment friendly strategies.

The cladding sheets have taken huge shares of the market, with home and business owners looking for design and materials which enhance the property’s value and last for the years to come. Here, however are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing the right cladding -

1. Sustainability - Alstrong India ACP is renowned for its longevity and excellent performance as well as the great efficiency. It enables to cool down quickly in summer and retain the heat in winter when properly paired with insulation. Therefore, Alstrong India is cost effective and helps create friendly homes.

2. Performance - Reliably weather tight and secure, Alstrong India ACP is non-combustible and termite resistant. It is durable displaying great resistance to flaking and blistering. The long term performance of the cladding sheet creates a building envelope essential to the long-term durability of the buildings and structures.

3. Aesthetics - The aesthetic quality of Alstrong India makes it a popular choice. It is available in a wide range of colours, all of which endow a building with a clean, crisp and sophisticated look. The cladding sheet at Alstrong India is available in a number of finishes, colours and sizes making it a flexible solution for any modular design project.

Choosing the right material is extremely important and should be based after a careful assessment of the home’s position, orientation and climate as well as the energy and aesthetic goals.