Aluminium Composite Panel Designs
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Aluminium Composite Panel Designs

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Aluminium Composite Panel Designs

Now that a new project is on the cards, the choice of building materials may be weighing your mind. However, if you take a closer look at the contemporary trends, your quest will invariably end with Aluminium Composite Panels. Abbreviated as ACPs, these panels are taking the global construction industry by the storm, replacing steel as the staple building and signage material. ACPs bring a lasting value to any residential or commercial project, thanks to their unique “sandwich panel” construction where two aluminium sheets are secured to a plastic core.

ACPs outlast and outperform any other construction material, which primarily speaks of their popularity. They are supposed to last the distance and keep their shape intact even when exposed to harsh conditions. You can also vouch for them to ward off corrosion, stains, fires and maintenance and upkeep hassles that may cost you in time, effort and money. These panels also bring upfront cost savings, as they are probably the most economical material available in the market. Thermal comfort, easy application and seamless finish are added advantages.

Even if you prioritize designs, ACP design may exceed your expectations. The panels lend themselves exceptionally well to interiors and exteriors alike, giving you the freedom to experiment with decors and designs. ACPs have a remarkable ability to adapt to the shape of the structure. Resultantly, you can expect flexibility in designing walls, facades, frames and roofs to your exact specifications and expectations. Take for instance facades, where you are at liberty to design them in any shape, ranging from square and rectangular to the cone, pyramid, hexagonal and more. With endless shape possibilities, you can let your creativity soar to a new high.

The double-skin façade designs are becoming the norm as an increasing number of builders are using it in their residential and commercial projects. Here, the effect of aluminium composite panels is nuanced by the clever use of glass. You too can consider the design to raise the aesthetics and worth of the structure, restrict noise levels and maintain equitable temperature. Even if you are a purist, you can prefer unitized ACPs to derive similar benefits.

Alstrong's aluminium composite panel offers several colour choices with over 40 different shades readily available to transform your dream design into a colourful reality. You can design a particular part of the building with a single colour or blend two or more colours to achieve the desired effect. In addition, the finish options, from rustic to matte and natural stone to wood, are overwhelming.

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